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Working style - Performance - Profesionalism

BelcoAvia has a modern production technologies
PREPREG – Autoclave Polimerization (Pre-impregnation-Autoclaving-Polymerization)
Wet Layup (Rolling)
Painting / Varnishing (Painting / Painting)
Resin Transfer Moulding – Light (Casting by resin transfer - easy)
Infusion (Infusion)
CNC Milling (CNC milling)

Our main production equipment contains the following:

»6 autoclaves for the polymerization of fabrics pre-impregnated with epoxy resins

»Industrial cutter with plotter assisted in cutting pre-impregnated fabrics

»Two CNC milling cutters with 5 axes 2600/1500/900 mm, 4800/2600/1200 mm

»CNC milling cutter with 3 axes 1600/700/750 mm

»5 MP 3D scanner

»Injection molding machines for two-component resins

»13 CNC robots with six axes for cutting, lacquering, milling

»4 CNC robots with five axes for cutting, varnishing and milling

»4 professional painting booths

»Curing ovens and vacuum pumps

»6 ecological evacuation systems

»Cooling chambers for storing pre-impregnated fabrics with an area of 300 m3

»Dimensional control machine.

Our Story

With a staff of more than 150 of people, we are known as a major supplier of advanced composite parts.

Our customers have given us as a reliable partner, with a solid know-how in our sector. Recognized as a Romanian pioneering company in the production of composite parts for a wide variety of sectors, such as car (body elements, chairs, complete bodies), railway industry (locomotive engine cooling system housing), road transport (different parts of the body) site, sports field (golf machine bodies and panels, fishing boats).

Meet The BelcoAvia

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